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Contract law


Our contract law team works with several different areas of law, which involve some form of a contractual relationship.

The parties in the contractual relationship may differ, but the opposing party to our clients are often in a much stronger position, and they are often represented by an attorney or another professional agency. In some cases the parties in the contractual relationship are relatively equal, and the parties established the contract on their own. Our contract law team usually work with disputes regarding sales, insurance, contracts, damages and monetary claims.

Ordinarily, we offer general advice on your case, however we may also represent you vis-à-vis the opposing party. For example, we may contact the opposing party on your behalf to demand fulfilment of a contract or to send a monetary claim. We do not provide assistance in drafting contracts, but we can offer advice on factors you should keep in mind when drafting various contracts or agreements. Our contract team may also serve as your counsel in proceedings before the Conciliation Board.

When you contact us, we ask that you please include any and all relevant documentation, so that we can get a complete understanding of your case. This could include a sales contract, valuation report, terms and conditions, articles of association or correspondence between the parties.

Your enquiry will be assigned to a case worker for further correspondence. We will keep you informed as soon as there is a development in your case, and we are happy to accept any further questions you may have in regarding your inquiry.
Our contract law team process cases every Friday.