73 51 52 50 jushjelpa@jushjelpa.no (Vi tar ikke i mot nye henvendelser via e-post)

Jushjelpa i Midt-Norge currently has 18 employees, distributed at 5 different groups. We work in teams and play on each others’ strengths. We recruit new law students at the end of each semester.


Hanne Ugland

Project Manager
Tel.: 90168598 (Inquiries concerning management, operation and administration)

Tenancy law

Daniel Alexander Lindqvist
Silje Olsen
Hanne Ree Ugland
Mari Govasmark

Public administrative law

Espen Haugan
Julie Vassaas
Kenneth Daaland
Mari Govasmark

Inheritance and family law

Anette Johansen
Trine Gjerstad
Marte Valø

Labour law

Marte Lavik
Erlend Indrebø Andås
Sofie Holten
Julie Sæther

Contract law

Fredrik Hartweg
Daniel Espedokken Severinsen
Julie Sæther
Vilde Brovold

Jushjelpa normally recruit new employees at the end of each semester. In our recruitment of new students, we emphasize political interest and academic and professional performance.

If you want to channel your passion and use your skills to further Jushjelpa’s work, we welcome your application.

Send your open application to leder@jushjelpa.no