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If you want to register your case with us, we recommend that you to use the form on this page

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You can contact by e-mail, phone or by attendance at our office.

We normally take five to ten days to proceed your case and give you an answer

If you have any relevant documents in the case, please upload them with the form

  • If you want us to contact a third party we need you to sign a letter of authority
  • Please send us all relevant documents in the case:
    • If your case regards a contractual relationship, we need the contract and correspondence with the third party
    • If your case regards real property we need title deeds, any relevant agreements and correspondence
    • If your case regards public administrative law (NAV/foreigner law) we need the decision letter from the public agency, the application and information regarding your situation

Form of statistics

All information obtained in this document is strictly confidential, and will not be misused in any manner.

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