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Inheritance and family law


Our inheritance and family law team accept cases involving inheritance law and allodial rights, as well as marriage law, cohabitant law and child law.

We assess each individual case to determine how we can help. We primarily provide general legal counselling, representation vis-à-vis the opposing party, and serve as counsel before the Conciliation Board. In matters involving child law and disputes between parents, we only provide general legal counselling.

The majority of our cases involve difficult breakups, both between spouses and cohabitants. Many find it difficult to agree on the distribution of assets and property after a breakup. Jushjelpa i Midt-Norge can help by providing information about relevant law and to represent our client vis-à-vis the other party.

In order for us to get a complete understanding of your case, it is important that you forward any and all relevant documentation. Such documentation may include a cohabitation agreement, pre- or post-nuptial agreement, probate agreement or custody agreement.

Your inquiry will be assigned to a case worker, for further correspondence. We will keep you informed as soon as there is a development in your case, and we are happy to accept any further questions you may have regarding your inquiry.

Our inheritance and family law team process cases every Wednesday.