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Labour law


Our labour law team works with cases involving unfair termination and failure to pay wages and holiday pay. They also accept cases involving debt, neighbour disputes, co-ownership, easements and other matters involving real property.
We provide general counselling, and we can represent you vis-à-vis the opposing party in terms of writing letters and participating in mediation, provide assistance in writing complaints and represent you as your counsel.
In order for us to get a complete understanding of your case, it is important that you forward any and all relevant documentation regarding your case. In a labour law dispute, this would include contract of employment, pay slips and time sheets. For disputes involving real property, such documentation will often include title deeds, cadastral and property unit numbers and co-ownership agreements. Any other documentation that could be relevant should also be forwarded to us.
In cases involving debt, we offer general counselling and participate in negotiations with creditors. It is important that you provide us with complete information about your financial situation, what your monthly income and expenses are, your total outstanding debt and the names of your creditors.
Your enquiry will be assigned to a case worker for further correspondence. We will keep you informed as soon as there is a development in your case, and we are happy to accept any further questions you may have regarding your inquiry.
Our labour law team process cases every Thursday.