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Public administrative law


Our public administrative law team accept cases that involve the relationship between citizens and public agencies. A public agency could be any national, county or municipal agency that regulates the rights and obligations of private individuals. This is often the police, the Directorate of Immigration, NAV, the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund and the Norwegian Correctional Service.

Typical areas of law are prison law, health law, social security law and immigration law.

We can provide legal counselling and representation in matters involving public administrative law. We offer general counselling to our clients, and we also provide representation in order to appeal decisions. Our team of experienced case workers can either help you write the appeal, or advise you on key aspects you should include in your appeal. In addition, we also represent clients in communication with the administrative agency in question. Please note that we do not offer assistance in writing first-time applications.

In order for us to get the best possible understanding of your case, it is important that you forward any and all relevant documentation regarding your first inquiry. Relevant documentation can be the decision letter from the public agency, the application and information regarding your situation. Any other documentation that could be relevant should also be forwarded to us.

Our team accept inquiries at Trondheim Prison every other week. If you have questions about your rights vis-à-vis a public agency or need our assistance in a specific case, please contact us! Should you need an interpreter present when presenting your inquiry to us, you will have to book an interpreter yourself.

Your inquiry will be assigned to a caseworker, for further correspondence. We will keep you informed as soon as there is a development in your case. We are happy to accept any further questions you may have regarding your inquiry.

Our administrative law team process cases every Tuesday.