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Tenancy law

Our tenancy law team accept cases regarding rent disputes, housing cooperative disputes and property unit ownership disputes.

A large number of the enquiries we receive involve tenancy law. We normally assist tenants, but sometimes also landlords. Typical issues regarding tenancy law is rent increases, return of deposits, the tenant’s right to termination and questions concerning defects. A defect could mean that one party is entitled to a reduction in rent, to compensation, to have the defect remedied or to terminate the rental agreement. If you are not sure whether you may have a legitimate claim or not, you can contact us to receive advice.

Typical issues involving housing cooperatives and property unit ownership include adjustment of shared costs, forced sale, pets and distribution of costs in connection with maintenance and repairs.

We provide our clients with general counselling and assistance in interpreting contracts and in proceedings. If necessary, we can also represent our clients as counsel vis-à-vis the opposing party. This could include assistance in writing a collection notice, complaint or notice of intention to defend to the Rent Disputes Tribunal or the Conciliation Board.

Your enquiry will be assigned to a case worker for further correspondence. We will keep you informed as soon as there is a development in your case, and we are happy to accept any further questions you may have regarding your inquiry.

Our housing and rent law team process cases every Monday.